Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota to Integrate Decade of Discovery Efforts into Minnesota Partnership

Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota have decided to integrate the activities of the Decade of Discovery into the Minnesota Partnership for Biotechnology and Medical Genomics.

Leaders at the University of Minnesota and Mayo Clinic remain strongly committed to their shared emphasis on diabetes research, both through the Minnesota Partnership and other collaborative efforts. They also remain committed to advancing each organization’s current strengths in diabetes research and care delivery.

The Decade of Discovery was launched in 2010, building on the existing model of the Minnesota Partnership.  The hope was to attract and leverage targeted resources from a variety of sources to prevent, optimally treat and ultimately cure diabetes.

This vision for the Decade was impacted by significant budget constraints, both at the state and federal levels, making it increasingly important to focus on retaining existing research dollars. As budgets for scientific research grew more constrained, it became increasingly difficult to pursue necessary support for the Decade of Discovery as a standalone initiative.

Since its launch, the Decade of Discovery significantly advanced the rigor and goal-focused granting process of the Minnesota Partnership.  It also helped catalyze a new model of collaboration for statewide partnerships in the prevention and treatment of diabetes.

The University of Minnesota and Mayo Clinic are committed to continuing these efforts through the Minnesota Partnership. All projects that have received funding from the Decade will continue to receive the funding and oversight they were awarded.  Going forward, the Partnership will continue to solicit applications for diabetes projects.  Both Mayo and the University believe integrating these efforts within the Minnesota Partnership is the best model to achieve success moving forward.

Mayo Clinic and the University thank and recognize leaders from around Minnesota who advocated for the vision of the Decade of Discovery. Special thanks are due to the members of the Oversight Committee, who championed this cause and embraced a bold vision for what we can accomplish together. We look forward to continuing to work together to advance science and improve health.

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